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About Me

Emily Smith graduated with a BA in psychology in 2009. For her senior thesis, she conducted an experiment on ‘The Effects of Meditation and College Student’s Performance.’ This was the beginning of her exposure and appreciation for holistic health and healing. Emily’s passion for helping people grew stronger as she continued her studies at the University of New England, in Portland, ME, and graduated with a Masters of Social Work (MSW) in 2011. During her education and training, she interned at two different organizations, providing individual and family counseling; also receiving a certificate in Psychoeducation treatment for trauma survivors. 


Emily has a great deal of personal experience with substance abuse, grief/loss and trauma; she holds a strong passion for working with individuals who have suffered and experienced these extreme life circumstances. 


Emily moved from Maine to Los Angeles, CA in 2012. Shortly after her move across the country, she researched and found an Energy Healing program, that not only assisted with her own healing journey, but provided the education and training for helping others as well. This was everything that she had been searching for. The depth that this work provides is by far the most powerful healing experience that she has ever encountered. Being involved in therapy most of her life, nothing seemed to get to the root of the overwhelming life experiences quite like energy healing.


Emily received her certificate as a Transpersonal Energy Healing Counselor in 2016, and has hundreds of hours of hands on and spiritual counseling experience in the field. 

Emily continues to develop and strengthen her skills and knowledge in both energy healing and within her spiritual practices, as well as deepening her services within the virtual healing world through zoom sessions.


Currently, she is fulfilling one of her deepest dreams of helping individuals reclaim their life-force energy through healing the body, mind, spirit and soul.

Education and Certifications

Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing 2014-2016

Emily had three years of in depth education and training, with hundreds of hours in hands on practice, followed by certification in Transersonal Energy Healing and spiritual counseling.

University Of New England: MSW 2009-2012

Emily participated in a three year graduate program, receiving her Masters of Social Work (MSW). Gaining in depth education, and supportive experience in her internships, providing individual, family and group counseling and services, while working within a multi-interdisciplinary team, for ultimate health and healing.

St. Joseph's College of Maine: BA Psychology 2002-2006

Emily participated in a four year undergraduate program in Psychology. Conducting experiential research studies on the effects of meditation, as well as several community service projects, that led her to find her passion in life of helping individuals heal, grow and live a life full of purpose and joy.

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My Philosophy

As spiritually evolving beings, I believe it is our birth right to experience life in our highest potential as vibrant light beings, full of life force energy. In order to live in such an authentic evolving state, we must heal our old wounds that are holding us back from fully expressing, feeling and living in the present movement. Once we have the willingness and space to "do the work," and are able to bring awareness, track and unwind the subtle energies that live underneath the uncomfortable sensations that reside in the body, then we are able to de-link the old story with the present time experience, re-write old belief patterns, and bring in healing life force energy into the whole body's system and energy field. This rapidly accelerates the healing process by creating new path ways, providing deeper clarity and understanding, and helps to cultivate spiritual qualities that assist in living a more healthy, enjoyable and full life.

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