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In-Person Energy Healing

Gentle hands-on body work

  • 1 h 30 min

Service Description

This service is provided for individuals who reside in the greater Los Angeles area. Home visits are available within a 30 mile radius (travel expenses will be included and discussed during consultation). In-person energy healing sessions are 90 minutes, beginning with a brief meditation and light movement (if possible) to open up the energy body, followed by a discussion on 'what's present' which allows both the practitioner and client to track the energy within the body to help locate the core of the issue where energy may be stored and stuck. The client is then guided and provided by hands-on table work, in which the practitioner channels Chi earth energy, charging the chakras (energy centers) clearing our blocks and re-balancing and aligning the whole energy body and field, which facilitates the body's natural healing mechanisms and the release of emotional and psychological blocks.

Contact Details

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